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BAK International --Details

      BAK International is ranked in the list of world's largest lithium-ion power battery manufacturers.


    The company's management team attaches great attentions to talents and technology introduction, constantly recruiting
 excellent graduates and elites from national prestigious colleges and universities and supported by Canada BAK
 Corporation's technical team and sustaining a long-term technology exchanges with teaching and research institutions like
 Chinese Academy of Science, Tsinghua University and Jilin University. In the meantime, it also has its post-graduate
 research station which cultivates and develops its engineer's expertise, and thus has established a worldwide and strong
 research team that is devoted to the research and development of polymeric lithium ion batteries, industrial batteries, liquid
 square lithium ion batteries, cylinder lithium ion batteries and power batteries. The company insists on developing batteries
 in a scientific way and producing them with updated equipments. Up until now, we'e boasted several patents including liquid

  lithium ion batteries and polymeric lithium ion batteries, leading in the research and  development of lithium ion batteries.


  In the management philosophy of 'Sincere communication, always the best', BAK International(Tianjin) Limited is

 dedicated to the development of new resources and environmental protection technology industry, and fully committed to
 building itself into the world's top professional manufacturer of lithium batteries.

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